Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How Cool Would This Be?

One of my favorite blogs is the quality blog of HEMMINGS.COM and the other day they featured a very rare find of a 1929 Studebaker RV. But this isn't just any body's RV. This one belonged to Harvey Firestone.

Considering the populatity of so many Studebakers throughout La Carreara Panamricana's history I couldnt help but imagine how cool it would be to see a team like Mats Hammarlund Racing using this as their team support vehicle. I get goose bumps just thinking about it.

Here is what my buddy Daniel Strohl had to say about this amazing and unique ride;

It’s long been known that Harvey Firestone, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were camping enthusiasts, motoring out into the wilderness for a good ol’ time (and, likely, leaving the wives at home). But did they build RVs to serve that purpose?

Allegedly, Firestone did, and one of them recently turned up in South Carolina on a 1929 Studebaker chassis, and H.A.M.B.er mottsrods shared some pics of the behemoth with us. The only real clues as to its origin – beside the apocryphal Firestone story – are the “Dulce Domum – San Marino” painted on its flanks and the Advance Auto Body Works plate screwed to the body. Dulce Domum, mottsrods informs us, is Latin for “Sweetly at Home.” Advance Auto Body Works, meanwhile, was around at the time building commercial bodies on the corner of North Mission Road and East Macy Street and is best known for building W. Everett Miller’s Arrowhead.

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